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B-Complex Vitamins can make you healthy AND happy

2_girls_on_bike_Hands down, B-complex is the one supplement that has helped me the most over the years.  Coined “the happy vitamin,” B-complex helps alleviate the most common health challenges and complaints that I hear from women:  fatigue, stress, irritability, anxiety, depression,

hormonal imbalance, weight gain and memory loss, to name a few.  Once you experience the difference in how you feel when taking B-complex vitamins, you won’t want to be without them.

There are eight B vitamins and it is very important to get them all in one complex, in balance.

These B vitamins all work together as a team. Some of them help cells burn fats and glucose for energy, while others help with the production of serotonin. Stress, sugar, coffee, alcohol and some medications are a few culprits that can rob B vitamins from our bodies. Since the B vitamins are water-soluble and are easily depleted, it is important to supplement.

It’s especially difficult to get enough B12 with a vegan or vegetarian diet.  As a vegan, I get some B vitamins from dark, leafy greens, whole grains, and legumes.  There are B vitamins in eggs, tuna, and dairy products, as well.  

Due to the fact that they are water-soluble, depleted easily, and most of us don’t eat “the perfect diet” every day, I think it’s important to supplement your diet every day. Try B-complex for a while and then comment below to share with me what a difference it has made for you! 

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13 thoughts on “B-Complex Vitamins can make you healthy AND happy

  1. Heather Price

    Great post! I absolutely DO take the multivitamin every day…. but with the others when I do add them I sometimes wonder if I’m going overboard. If I’m already taking a multivitamin, do I REALLLLY need the extra B as well. And then I’m told extra C is good to ward off colds. And extra ___ is great for ___, yada yada yada. From time to time I add additional vitamins, B, C, D….. but most of the time I *just* take a multivitamin and wonder if I’m doing enough. But when I add the extras I wonder if I’m doing too much. 🙂

    1. Alyssa

      Hi!You’ve got a great blog here with lots of good information! I’ll dntleifeiy be stopping by often.Thanks for adding a link to my blog. I went ahead and added your site to my blogroll.

  2. Diane Turner Post author

    Hi Heather, good questions about whether or not we need additional supplements if we are already taking a multivitamin. Most people today are under stress and doing other things that can deplete nutrients like the B vitamins. B’s are depleted when we consume, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and certain medications. If your B-Complex is complete, balanced and bio-available you will notice a difference in how you feel and in your hair like Becky mentioned. Vitamin C is also water soluble and most people need more than is offered in a multi to keep their immune system strong.

    1. LindaC

      I have been taking B complex for about 2 weeks now (in addition to my regular multi-vitamin) and have really noticed a difference already in just the past few days! I’ve got loads of energy, feel happy despite my circumstances, can actually think and reason without great effort, and am eager to start new projects or join some hobby-type group at the library. I recently quit taking my simvastatin because my doctor doubled my dose and all this terrible pain in my joints, feet, hips–everywhere!–got ten times worse! I never dreamed most of this pain and weakness and other problems, it seems, was due to the simvastatin! It’s been just over a month now being simvastatin free and now with the extra B complex vitamins, I feel reborn! I also had vitamin D deficiency a couple of years ago and take 2000 IU vitamin d every day. You bet I’m interested in alternatives to traditional meds!

      1. Diane Turner Post author

        Hello Linda,
        Thank you for sharing your story which no doubt will be encouraging to other people. I love helping people find a natural approach to long term health.

  3. Heather Odhran

    Exactly how Everybody understand it is similar to what you’ve said, but you’ve talked about some points i always may have missed. I appreciate you for talking about this content. I’m going to share this with a number of of my close friends.

  4. Diane Turner Post author

    Thank you “Good Workouts”. I went to your site and it’s packed with useful information on toning, strength training and weight loss. I will use it as a resource for my clients who are working on these things. I just liked your fb page.


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