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Diane Turner

“Diane has been an amazing Wellness resource for me. She helped me transition to a plant-based diet.  I hired her to come to my home and cook in my kitchen with me and my daughter. Her personal touch is so welcome and rare in these busy times. She introduced me to the benefits of Shaklee vitamins and supplements and I feel terrific!I am healthy and pain free thanks to Diane.”

Melinda Chamberlin, Broker
Keller Williams Realty
Greater Cleveland

Hi, I’m Diane Turner, Certified Nutrition Advisor, foodie, entrepreneur and former SAHM (stay at home mom). I left my career as a Montessori teacher to be home with my 2 (amazing) sons who are now in their 20’s. I made the decision to start my own business, Healthy Alternatives, which provided the income my family needed and the flexible schedule I was looking for.

I grew up on the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). I struggled with my weight and found that I was getting sick all too often. At age 20, I moved to Boston and discovered Macrobiotics, whole foods cooking, and alternative medicine. I attended the Kushi Institute and later the NW Academy of Practical Nutrition. When a friend introduced me to Shaklee it was a perfect fit!

I provide valuable information for women who are trying to stay healthy and balance their hormones in the most natural way possible. I also provide leadership and training for those who want to earn money and have a career like mine in the Health and Wellness Industry. I get to work with like-minded women who all support each other to have fun and grow personally and professionally. Contact me if you’d like more information.

Follow my blog for articles on a how eating a plant-based diet combined with taking specific vitamins can help protect your bone and heart health, improve memory, moods, and energy, and help stabilize blood sugar and your weight! I also love to share vegan recipes, grocery shopping tips and ideas for going green. If you’re in the Cleveland area I offer vegan cooking lessons in your own kitchen.  

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Why I chose to partner with Shaklee


It’s simple. I found a company that was aligned
with what was important to me.

The more I used the products and the more I learned about the company, the more impressed I became.

Founded over 55 years ago, Shaklee is an International Wellness Company known for their science and research and unwavering commitment to our environment. They are the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. and the first “Climate Neutral” Certified company in the world to fully offsetting all carbon emissions.  

Shaklee goes to extraordinary measures to guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of every product. Every ingredient that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet. They have invested nearly $300 million in research and development and have the clinical proof that can be found in over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

They have invested nearly $300 million in research and development and have the clinical proof that can be found in over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Dr. Forrest Shaklee created one of the first multi-vitamins in 1915.  He was a Chiropractor, a biochemist, and a pioneer in 3 areas; as a naturalist, an environmentalist, and a business man. He created the business model known today as network marketing, also known as “Social Marketing”. He offered the opportunity to individuals to share the products and teach others how to help people improve their health and increase their income. He designed a word-of-mouth business in which you succeed when you help someone else succeed. For more information, please watch the video and contact me if you want to learn even more.